Korean Italy Towel Review

Hi everybody today I will be sharing with you my review for the Korean Italy Towel

Korean Italy Towel

Korean Italy towels are exfoliation towels made in Korea out of 100% viscose material. They are completely different than any other scrubbing bath towel. The colors let you know the strength of the material which will give you a different levels of exfoliation. The blue is 60% strength, the green is 50% strength and the yellow is 40% strength.

I bought mine on ebay and the brand was Song Wol and I paid only a couple of bucks for three. If you have a korean market around you I suggest you try to find it locally first.

There are two simple ways to use the Korean Italy towels. You can either soak in a bath for 30 minutes or longer and then scrub or you can take a shower and let water soak on you for at least 5 minutes. The longer you soak the easier it is to scrub.

*Update – you really should soak longer then 5 minutes at the minimum I would do 10 minutes. I’ve read people saying they soak or shower for 2 minutes or 3 minutes that’s just not good enough. You have to let your skin absorb the water and that takes a while that is the only way the K.I.T will loosen up the skin.

The best way to scrub with these towels are in circular motions. I tried it just back and forth and I found that circular motions work the best.

The skin comes off in rolls that look like eraser shavings.  It does not hurt at all, just make sure to not over exfoliate your skin. If your skin starts turning pink or red just move on to the next spot on your body.

The picture below gives you a close up view of the material. The viscose material is a very tightly woven stretchy material.

Korean Italy Towel

The Korean Italy Towels usually come as hand gloves so make sure to flip them inside out when you receive it. You can see in the seams in the picture below the blue one is flipped inside correctly. Just wanted to mention this to make sure your towel lasts as long as possible without messing up the seams.

Korean Italy Towel

Korean Italy Towel

In the picture below I just wanted to show you how much the Korean Italy Towels shrink when they get wet. The shrinkage helps the woven fibers get tighter which in return give even better exfoliation. The blue one is the one that I used.

Korean Italy Towel

The unused yellow towel is how I receive it flipped inside out. The green is unused but flipped so the seams are inside and the blue shows how it shrinks even more after getting wet.

Korean Italy Towel

These towels work better then pumice stones, loofahs, nylon towels and cotton towels. Once you use these you wont be able to go back.

In Korean bath houses people will help each other scrub each others backs. So since I dont have that luxury the only thing that compares is when I use my tampico body brush to scrub my back. They do make korean italy towel back scrubbers but I havent bought one because my tampico brush works just as good.

I hope this review was helpful to you. This is by far my favorite exfoliation find of my life. I will never be without this towel EVER again. I recommend everybody use this.


4 thoughts on “Korean Italy Towel Review

  1. Karen

    I bought the set of 9 from ebay. I can’t wait to try them. I do want to use them on my face as I suffer with clogged pores at age 53. I would really like your opinion on this. Any info would be appreciated! I looked at the Baiden mitten but too expensive right now. I see they can be used on the face. Thanks for any advice in advance!

    1. MarcelleChow Post author

      I would be very careful when using it on the face. I would use the softest one which for me is the yellow one. They really are strong exfoliators


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